Coach and Scale was born after a horrific incident. It transformed my life. I found a better purpose in my life, because since then I’ve been able to impact many lives.

Reach more - Coach more

I spent extensive amount of time to find out all the twists and up & downs of coaching market, and the troubles on the ways of coaches to attract their ideal clients and serve them.

I found many objections about the market. And, I realized how sometimes they are handle unethically, breaking a false belief and replacing it with another false belief. I looked into them. I heard the concerns. I research for a long time to find the best solutions, I ran multiple tests. I offered and conducted case studies, and I picked the best of the best, and include them in Forever Green Coaching program. Basically Forever Green Coaching is developed answering coaches’ concerns.

Forever Green Coaching turned out a unique program addressing more than a dozen concern, to be with coaches until they grow, expand and serve as many people they desire,

build their dream life while removing pain from people’s life.


I created Forever Green Coaching so that you can 

drive traffic from many sources, 

build client attraction system extremely low cost,

learn how to expand page to communicate with audiences day in day out, anytime,

learn techniques and strategies of engaging their prospects,

acquiring many awesome tools to create unique pages, and stay away from competition,

Learn how to create their story, to connect with their prospects,

Find people anywhere online, rather than one place

Create a system helps coaches to improve their pages knowing the audiences concerns

help them to build an expandable system.

And there is still a lot more.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, my whole family was through hell and heaven, for about 2 years. I started, and didn’t want to give up. 

As, I hit the snag, I raised the bars. That’s how Forever Green Coaching turned into a year long program, and turned out a unique business coaching product. 

It took quiet time to simplify the “transformation process, making it suitable for none-tech and people.

Thousands of unknown variables hit me day and night from 4:00 AM until midnight, during work time, lunch time, in the bed, and even in my dreams. 

My grad school engineering background in modern controls and automations systems, and decades of educational experience, marketing, programming, and my perfectionist characteristics pushed me to develop a one of a kind client acquisition coaching program

After all my satisfaction from my mission and my product depends only on your outcome. So, I addressed it into this program, to keep you fully satisfied. 

One of the main factors to be able to make it to the finish line is to conserve your resources. I have done a great deal of research and testing to find the least expensive and most varsatile tools for you. So that your page can look different, unique, creative, and inexpensive to build, and maintain. 

 I reduced thousands of dollars software cost and shiny objects cost  to less than a $100 per year.

It included a safety net for you, for the entire length of each module, all year long.

I designed this program to be a forever source of help for coaches to grow and thrive, start from a seed and reach to a full size fruit bearing tree


Escape to Live route

Our escape rout from a dictatorship, and radical government, where Christians had no rights.

Bosnia’s Mountains

Croatia’s Jungles,

Eslovenia’s Mountains

Austria’s Mountains 

13 day and night of escape 


My past has shaped my character, I survived from many incidents, discrimination, threats, and bombings. 

I surviving from a bullet at the age of 7, we lost relatives.

My family survived from multiple bombings for years, but we still struggle from the painful memories.

I was discriminated and threatened to death when I was in Army.

I didn’t experience human rights after age 7, until I escaped from the country I was born.

So, My wife and I ran away for a better living opportunities. 

Since then, We’ve helped thousands of students to build a better future. And, I’ve helped many people to build a better life, through helping coaches like you.

Now I guarantee you’ve found a reliable source to rely on.

I’ll help you build your coaching “Empire” reach out to more people, help them, and build your dream life, or my service is FREE.

Community of Coaches
 coaches needed to build a better life


helps to build relationship


helps to balance work and life.


helps to overcome anxiety.


helps to bring happiness back..

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