Digital Marketing Courses

Forever Green Coaching program provides all in one stop. It’s designed to deliver A to Z of digital technology, communication and psychology of selling skills in 12 comprehensive modules in a 12 months program. 

Why Forever Green Coaching's the Best?

Optimized Web Pages

Intensive focus on building an optimized website to attract coaching clients, and expand coaching business.

Engaging Marketing Pages

Building engaging marketing funnels for a targeted group of audiences with personalized messages, combined with automated sequences of well crafted and engaging emails.

Automation Traffic

Develop automated pipe line of traffic sources such as social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked in, and other) search network, Gmail, YouTube, Display Ads and Bing, into your quiz pages, webinars, forms, long letter landing pages, video series, podcast, blogs and other medium, and become your own powerhouse coach.

Analytics and Monitoring

Understanding and implementation of analytics and Monitoring system both are the essential part of a successful client attraction system which is a one main pillar of Forever Green Coaching program to build your massive coaching business.

Targeting, Remarketing, and Tracking

Many marketers miss proper targeting because of neglecting importance of key mathematical, and technical aspect of a matrix. Retargeting and remarketing are essential tools to conserve your effort of marketing, and grow your business online.

Integration of all the parts

You'll learn how to connect all distinct peaces to deliver one unique purpose and scale up your business and build a successful high ticket coaching program.

"Forever Green Coaching program is a revolution in coaching industry enabling coaches to acquire all the technology, tools, and techniques they needed to reach more, coach more and build a dream life."

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