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the only program that offers "safety net"

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Why after so much of a need for HEALTH & LIFE COACHES , many coaches still STRUGGLE to have enough clients? What’s the REAL Solution? How can you attract more  ideal clients, keep your business under your control, and live the life you dreamed about?

Take a minute and think about it.

For sure the solution is not to give up to the wind that’s taking you nowhere. I’ve been there many times in life to go against the wind. The map bellow is the path of  many countries I crossed by walking through jungles, and boarders to control my own life, and build my dream life. I know there are always so many obstacles on the way, when you want to make changes, when you take actions. But the bottom line is to take action.  You may be afraid of taking an aggressive action towards your goals. When you start moving, you can easily become unstoppable. 

Forever Green Coaching is to help you make the move. But, more importantly, Forever Green Coaching will  stay with you through your journey. 

Norair Vertanus


Common pain regardless of the factors

My name is Norair Vertanus. I thank God for being above ground after what I’ve been through in my life.  

I missed a gun fire in a revolution, when I was only 7, survived from many bombings since then, experienced discrimination all my life, stayed alive from many threats in army, ran away from a radical government , crossed boarders of Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria with a bare foot, and saved my life. 

I still remember the screaming  of mothers and children in bombings. I remember the darkness of shelters, and the sound of siren, feel the coldness of the weather and unfair life, when I was just 7.

I felt the true meaning of freedom in the United States after our escape. It’s been 20 years now and since then, my mission is to help people, children and parents. 

Pain is painful regardless of the cause

Here is the harsh truth. Many of us are in pain for different reasons such as, financial hardship, parenting problems, relationship, marriage, divorce, health, physical, psychological problems, and mindset , even in the most advanced counties ; probably even more in such countries. 

Pain in my life initiated a Journey

In roller coaster of life, my friend’s tragic incident, dragged me into this journey. My mind shifted, I found a better purpose in life. A buddy of mine, a good hearted angel laid in bed, motionless after ignoring his health condition. He wasn’t aware of the consequences. He is not dead, and he is not alive either. This incident sparked the start of a terrifying journey. I experienced horrific moments of my life, I made my wife cry, I cried, for the first time in my life, second and more times, I was broke financially, the dept “flunked” my credit score, no one was renting me a place for an office. Objections from everywhere pushed me to quit my decision and stick to my own job. I didn’t. I struggled to death.

Many times, I worked 15 – 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. I couldn’t even visit my elderly parents for weeks. I was not  in mood for a long time. I sacrificed a lot until I gained massive amount of knowledge and skills in many areas to pursue my purpose. It took a great deal of time to be able to build a solid, complete ,and one of a kind programs to deliver the best outcome to the coaches to reach out to more people and build their dream life. It wasn’t only about my friend, I noticed many people, including  my close family, friends, and almost everyone needs coaches, mentors, and counselors to get directions in life. So, I finally was able to launch the unique product of Forever Green Coaching program to bring the best outcome to you, helping people, including myself.

Structure that Becomes a Coaching Power

My purpose is to offer a solution that can bring a great outcome to almost every coach, not only a small fraction of coaches. Here is what Coach and scale offers: 


It’s the solution to many complains from other coaches about their marketing problems. It’s designed to deliver the juices, to be affordable, to cut the excessive cost, to save your time, and to keep you away from shiny objects in a short time with unlimited support.

Here’s my product for you:


1. How to build your clients attraction system that can grow bigger, and can be expanded.

2. How to  position your coaching business away from competition, and not into the competition.

3. How to attract clients online and keep them coming. 

4. How to set up your Group Coaching program.

5. How to build membership programs, and serve more. 

6. How to find and filter ideal clients.

7. How to pipeline flow of traffic into your coaching business. 

8. How to create multiple source of clients.

9. How to become leader in your niche.

I’ve built a program to keep you updated, so that you will always be on the top regardless of constant technological changes, and “shiny objects”.

I’ve designed this system to keep you always satisfied, so that you will always stick to one coach, us, and get all the updates and help you need. 

Forever Green Coaching is Different than any other program

It can help all the coaches at any stage of their coaching business

It’s Very low cost, and affordable

,Eliminates skeptics,

It’s “Forever Green”

so you pass your “learning curve”, and grow your coaching practice.

Start a big journey: I'll walk you through your dreams

I'm like you,
with a desire to be helpful,
to live the life of my dream,
to explore the world,
not being shackled
not being dragged to work

You have invested on learning how to impact lives,
how to take the pain out of lives,
how to improve relationships,
how to help a divorced couple to handle their rough time,
or to help a married couple to save their marriage,
and many other things that you have spend time and money in;
but now you're challenged to find clients in need of your experience; it shouldn't be that way!

Anabel wanted to get result and improve her life;
she had skills but she wasn't able to get clients;
self doubt was kicking in and she wasn't certain about her abilities.
Sometimes she even thought she should work for someone else
rather than running her own business.
She was desperately thinking of getting help and change things
towards better.
(It was from the conversations I had with some of you)

I've heard this from many coaches that I spoke to,
It becomes crazy;
there is a BIG need for your knowledge/experience.
People want their problems solved,
and many people don't even know they have problems, or even they don't know the consequences of their problems.
It became my mission to help them by helping you to set up a system for you to reach out to more people, and help them.
And if you keep reading until the end, you'll find out more about how you can benefit from this.

Above & Beyond

Rainfall of Clients from Multiple Sources

Getting clients from multiple channels on multiple platforms will keep you independent form a single source, powerful to lead your business. 

save tens of thousands of dollars while getting free traffic

Forever Green Coaching is to build ALL IN ONE Place, client attraction system on one platform. Your Funnels, Indoctrinated Videos, Webinars, Landing pages, Thank you pages, Sales pages, Blogs, Opt ins, Bookings, Registrations, Payment Processing, Quizzes, Surveys, and membership sites all can be built to save you months of working time, tens of thousands of dollars, and hope and effort. Still in addition, it will help you get unlimited free clients over the time. 

Designed to conserve your resources

Unlike many coaching programs, I’m against taking actions without a right plan, and implementation strategy. This hurts coaches to conserve their money, time and hope and take an effective action on a right time. Multiple failures, creates a big delay in success. 

Risk Free, You have "safety net"

Successful testimonials from someone, doesn’t guarantee someone eles’s success. I avoid such testimonials and to reduce skepticism about my coaching program, I have considered 100% money back guarantee on every stage of the program, at any time.

I'm with you until you succeed and even after

After I though why no one offers a coaching program to stand by them and help them until complete succession (happens after passing “learning curve knee”), I designed Forever Green Coaching program to provide  effective methods of attracting clients, create multiple sources of attracting them, provide updates as technology changes, and show you how to stay top notch in the market. 

Attract High Ticket Clients

Depending on the type of niche you are in, the price of the outcome you deliver may change. If you want to work with high ticket clients, I’ll show you how to setup your high ticket coaching program.


Ideal clients can help your business to grow faster, they can boost your satisfaction from what you do, they are not burden on you, they are well paying and more committed clients to improve their status and yours. I’ll show you how to filter out your clients.

Save Time, Money, and effort

To learn all the skills required to create your coaching empire, you need to take multiple courses. Then you will experience many overlapping areas that kills your time  and wastes your money. Forever Green Coaching will save a great deal of your time and deliver the most in a short time, with the least amount of budget, and sticks with you until you succeed

Life long investment

Forever Green Coaching is a life long investment to grow very big. You may start as small as a fresh seed in soil, and see the result of growing your tree, and fruiting after a short time, for years. 

A Year Long program

Forever Green Coaching is a 3 phase, 12 months (12 modules) program. The content of the program is split in one year, to deliver a full transformation. Every month you’ll cover mile stones, and accomplish a forever green knowledge, and build a forever green structure. 


There is noting to loose, It's ALL RISK FREE,

The only thing your BIG LOSS is, if you don't take action NOW

Click below on the green button and take it under control... now


In Many Payment Plans

Multiple Sources of Acquiring Organic and Paid Clients to Grow Your Coaching Business

Forever Green Coaching Golden Membership program is focused implementing multiple sources of acquiring traffic, rather than a single source of traffic.

  • Multiple Sources of acquiring Organic, and Paid clients
  • Fully Compatible, Expandable, Observable, Measurable, and Adjustable web pages, and funnels.
  • Positioning, Engagement, Communication, Branding strategy workshops

Forever Green Coaching business Coaching program for Coaches is designed to expose multiple sources of free traffic online and as well as on social platforms. In Forever Green life and health coaching workshop to grow your business we are going to walk you through how to set up a dozen free source of traffic, how to link them, promote them and get a awesome sources of coaching clients. This is to cut the stress of loosing one source of traffic while you can get clients from the other running sources. This is great way of indexed high on search engines, and be seen to many audiences. 

Lack of knowledge is the main burden to develop such mechanism for almost all coaching businesses, including business coaches. 

The beauty of such a system mechnism is to acquire surprised clients while you are not expecting, with the minimum maintanance needed. It’s an other way of omnipresenting, and creating authentisity. 

One social media is too little. Each has it’s own advantages and utilizing multiple sources of paid traffic, ranks a business above the competition by being present on any media. 

Forever Green business coaching program is to show how to setup systems of acquiring clients on many great platforms. It’s proven to us, social platforms to be a great source of branding a business, and even a great source of direct response marketing.  

Google Adwords is one of the greatest sources of paid advertising with power of search network advertising, Display ads, Video ads, Gmail ads and Google map advertising. In our workshop we walk you through setting up marketing campaign on Google Adwords. 

Learn how to set up optimization and recieve an optimization score to get an estimate of how your campaign is performing. This can help you to improve your campaign. 

Marketing on Yahoo is an other great source of reaching out to clients who are using Yahoo as their primary search engine. 

Yahoo native ads are powerful on certain situations, and an be a great source to grow a coaching business. 

Accordion Content

Fully Compatible, Expandable, Observable, Measurable, and Adjustable Site

A great site with full functionality, and implemented with measurement tools to get feedback from the performance of the site is a must to scale the business in a short time.
You can create your funnels on your website, that it will help you to get ranked higher.

Topics below will be covered to help you to grow your coaching business in 3 phases.

Click on + sign bellow to learn more about the topic. 

You’ll learn how to start from scratch to build your site, equipped with modern technologies to keep your site updated. You’ll gain the power to modify, ad, and upgrade your site, and even create a new site for a new service, independent of “Tech guy”. You’ll build your forever lasting and growing website and attract more clients. 

We’ll show you the development cycle of a complete client attraction system. This will help you to create room for the future expansion and modification. We show you how  to plan a compete system, design and equip fully loaded marketing gadgets, to implement, monitor, track, test and modify. 

You’ll discover how to build your landing page on your site, rather than building a landing page on a third party platform. You’ll save ton of money right there. Driving traffic to your site on your landing page can help your business on search engine ranking. This helps you save thousands of dollars and allows you to spend on marketing rather than paying 3rd party software companies.  

I will  show you to conserve your knowledge, and effort to use it over and over helping people effortlessly. You’ll get the benefit of building you membership site and the content on one of the fastest networks. 

All parts of a the work, including payment processing setup will be done “in house”. We’ll show you how to do it yourself simply. This empowers you to become independent, implement and test your ideas right away which is the most important factor in success for a coach. 

We’ll show you how to create booking page to schedule your clients for high ticket sales. We’ll show you how to use the link through out your funnels, blogs, and all the pages to convert warm audiences. 

One good possible way to help more with less effort is to set up group coaching programs. We’ll show you how to build the structure of your group coaching programs. 

We’ll show you how to create email engagement list, and campaigns. You’ll be exposed to well know strategies of email engagement. This a powerful and cheapest tool to acquire clients, to serve them better, and to keep them updated with your products. 

Tracking is the most important part after driving traffic to your content. Without tracking you’ll be wasting your marketing effort. Tracking helps marketers convert  very cold audiences into warm prospects, after consistent attempts. 

Who comes to your site? What is the device? Where is it directed from?  How long stays? What gets visitor’s attention? and many other factors can help you to improve your content. We will show you how to utilize it. It can help you optimize your system to build a solid pipeline of traffic into your site and convert them into raving fan of your coaching practice. 

What is better than having your webinar on you page with all tracking system and measurements. You’ll find out about the dropouts, and learn where to make modifications, test and observe. We’ll show the most common strategies to create a webinar content.

Facebook is  a fabulous source of traffic, but constant changes becomes stressful for times. Price increase is another factor I don’t like to rely only on Facebook.

Marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger is one possible way of many other great ways of advertising that we will walk you through. 

Forever Green Coaching membership program is to show you how to set up your multi-source of traffic. 

Search network is a great method to find audiences who are ready to convert. Search network ads appear on google search engine site. 

Display network is dominating method of remaketing online. Affinity marketing is another great strategic approach to target audiences visiting competitors websites. 

Yahoo still has fans and people who do search on yahoo search engine. That can be another source of pipeline to bring prospects into your door. We have a schedule on one of the phases of FCG to walk you through setting up your Native ads. 

YouTube is indexed 1-3 for the past couple of years. There are great ways of targeting prospects on YouTube channels.  Forever Green Coaching shows how to setup your YouTube Marketing to grow your coaching business, to acquire life coaching clients and grow your business. 

Microsoft competes with other search engines, and provides fast and quick integration of Google ads with Bing for marketing. There are many people who are fan of Bing, and they can be targeted to bring them into your coaching program. 

I’ll show you methods smart marketing, how a business can build a “self promoting” services. 

That's why Forever Green Coaching is UNIQUE

It's more than a dozen product
to give you a great leverage
and confidence,
enhance creativity,
to create your unique
Client Attraction System.
Help More People
The Life You Dreamed About

Now It's Your Turn
Take Action

Price of ice cream is not the same all the time, it depends on the inventory. Same here, the prices are bottom low NOW, for a short time.

It took me many months of working, learning, researching, listening, reading, and thinking to develop and design Forever Green Coaching program

You can conserve your time, money, and energy to get better and better after implementation of this system to grow your coaching business, to help more people, to improve your life.

to become independent of other courses, to grow your business,

to be able to create multiple sources of traffic and acquire clients,

to be able to build your own unique website with all gadgets, and be able to modify it at any time.

Become a Coach by the Number of People You Coach Starting Today

Sells for $30,000, Separate Programs

A Year long, $30,000 program is reduced to $11,964

For limited time it is $4997, one year program

Coaches Needed More Than Ever


Taste a great life with a better relationship


Can improve finances and remove stress

Grow my coaching business


Can help people to establish a healthy life


Helps to find the other half

Frequently asked questions

This program is meant to provide support to coaches who have impact on people’s life. However it can be useful to any business to build a solid marketing system.

Forever Green is built based on the interests and desires some of the coaches had after completing prior coaching workshops. It’s designed to address all the needs of a coaching business to attract clients online, as mentioned above. It’s a comprehensive program to minimize the hassle from the coaches and help them to reach out to as many clients as they desire.

One of the complains about other coaching programs are the intense and short duration of the course that creates  a lag, and by the time help is needed the program is completed and it’s too late. 

Forever Green Coaching program is designed to stay with you and see you grow. 

We believe if you grow, I will grow. If you don’t we won’t.

It’s just the frame of your mind. you can change your belief about yourself and make impossible to become possible. Forever Green Coaching program also provides instructions to help you to condition your mind, and program it to become successful. 

Content of Forever Green Coaching, and length of the course is designed for an even a beginner who wants to start a coaching business, reach out to people and generate a freedom- base income. Forever Green coaching will provide you anything out there possible to help you get consistent coaching clients. 

I provide 100% money back guarantee. The program is a module base per month. Your outcome is the primary goal of Forever Green Coaching, and unsatisfied clients will get 100% money back for the module. 

Forever Green has been designed to let you save your resources, such as money and time, to empower you to take better actions towards promoting your service, and spending on marketing. We have spent enormous time to come up with the least expensive third party tools for you. We will not recommend any funnel design software. Forever Green Coaching courses will show you to build everything on your site on WordPress. That will help you save tens of thousands of dollars, while giving your tremendous power and flexibility while it’s forever lasting. 

After a long research and study I conducted, I learned having a limited sources of traffic make a business vulnerable. Many changes kept happening to social media platforms that effects on marketing. Forever Green covers methods of marketing on different medium, to  allow you build multiple sources of traffic. This is a 12 months (module) program, to help you thrive every possible way. Then after, we still want you to stick with us, so we can keep you updated with the changes. you will get updated to stay on the top of your market.

Forever Green what to be your forever green source of information. At the end of every month we want you to conduct a survey, and if you are not satisfied we will refund you for that month and terminate your program. 

That’s awesome. I congratulate you for your decision, and welcome you for the journey you’ll have with us. To join now, you can click on the link below and go to payment plan page. Forever Green Coaching is designed to make learning the skills possible to everyone, so we have provided payment plans. However, Gold members will have the options to one on one, private weekly sessions. 

The courses are to help you possible to follow the instruction. Lots work is done to get things simplified for you. And, if any time you have challenges there are button provided on the pages you can contact us, and we can provide you with assistance you need. Gold members and members members will get weekly private assistance.